From user generated content to user generated advertising.



The Adamyourself campaign is about expressing your personality through the Adam. First you can visualize your Adam. Secondly you also have the possibility to choose between different mood backrounds and a name for your Adam in individual fonts. By sharing your Adam on your personal Facebook wall, the user with the most likes will win his Adam.

We are adressing a highly educated and digital savvy audience. So we had to keep in mind that these people are not very responsive to standart online ads. Plus a very percentage (~30%) of European internet users installed ad-blockers and potentially wouldn´t see ads at all. The ADAM offers tons of options to customize car, which is great as us can actually create your very personal ADAM. On the other hand it creates a barrier when it comes to the configuration process as options are overwhelming is and the buying process becomes very complex.

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We generated a totally new concept for the visualizer. By sliding through a one pager, it feels fluent and very simple to choose your personal style to the ADAM. By doing that we avoid the normal step to step approach, that you will find normally in the field of configurator and visualizers.



We used 10 influencers reaching 14 european countries to communicate the Adamyourself campaign. A realtime Social event was hosted, where the influencers can interview Dr.Karl-Thomas Neumann (Opel CEO), Mark Adams (CCD) and Tina Müller (CMO). Also we had a live walk through via Periscope with Tina Müller.

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