The Truth about Christmas

Truth about Christmas around the World.





In Russia we have a New Year’s tree instead of a Christmas tree and In china , our holidays start on the 31st of December, because the real Christmas is Chinese new year! Hungarian „szaloncukor“-Bonbons, are wrapped in coloured shiny paper as basic decoration of the Christmas tree, we play Poker in Jordan and drink eggnog in New York . The one who gets the piece of cake with the Macedonian  coin will have the greatest luck in the following year. Later we go from house to house and reenact Joseph and Mary in Mexico . 








The „Koledari“ singers bring health and prosperity to every Bulgarian home. Even David Beckham was recently invited to Singapore to light up a Christmas mall in December. But one important tip: if you’re single, don’t go to KOREA for X-Mas! Otherwise it could be a very cold one.